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the dogs!


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Create a dog profile

Our Koira team will come to your location to take professional pictures and create short fun bios of the dogs.


Perks of being a founding member, our Koira team will upload all the information onto our site for you!

Doggie Dates

Receive a notification on your tablet provided by Koira your dog is scheduled for a fun excursion!


Save a Life

We understand how important it is to get dogs out of the shelters and into forever homes for a lot of reasons. We know in order for you to keep saving lives, we need to make room for the next dog in need. Our mission is simple — get dogs adopted!


  • It’s free marketing for the dogs in your shelter.
  • Getting the dogs out of the shelter gives them a chance to just be a dog.
  • Koira will donate a percentage of every dogs excursion. Users will also be presented with the opportunity to donate funds or items directly to your shelter.
  • Safety of the dogs is our priority, so users are required to go through a background check.

How It works

For the User


It's simple! Click the "find a dog" tab to get started.

Schedule A Date

Schedule your doggy date at your nearest shelter or whatever your current location is.

Go On Doggie Date

Pick up your doggy date for some fun in the sun or a cold puppuccino from Starbucks. Don’t forget to post your date on Instagram and Facebook!

Date Curfew

Promptly return your doggy date. Share feedback from your date, donate and schedule your next doggy date.

Our Mission

Koira supports the shelters mission by allowing dog lovers like you to rent a dog for the day and go on a fun doggie day date. Our mission is to maximize the amount of exposure for adoptable dogs, increase opportunities for fostering, and ultimately Koira will help lead to more successful adoptions. By taking a dog out for the day, you could be the very reason they find their forever home.



Our partnership with Koira has been easy and beneficial to our shelter and our dogs. The dogs are happy, while getting the maximum amount of exposure to find their forever homes and the donations have been so generous. Our dogs love Koira and so do we!