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First doggie date is always free, but safety is our first priority for all our dogs so you'll be asked to pay a one time background check fee.

Schedule A Date

Once your profile is approved, you can schedule your first doggie date at your nearest shelter or whatever your current location is.

Go On Doggie Date

Pick up your doggie date for some fun in the sun or a cold puppuccino from Starbucks. Don’t forget to post your date on Instagram and Facebook!

Date Curfew

Promptly return your doggie date. We love hearing about the dates! Share feedback from your date, donate and schedule your next doggie date.

Our Mission

Koira supports the shelters mission by allowing dog lovers like you to rent a dog for the day and go on a fun doggie day date. Our mission is to maximize the amount of exposure for adoptable dogs, increase opportunities for fostering, and ultimately Koira will help lead to more successful adoptions. By taking a dog out for the day, you could be the very reason they find their forever home.

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Answer just a few questions below so we can match you with your best bud!

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3. Whats your style?

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Our partnership with Koira has been easy and beneficial to our shelter and our dogs. The dogs are happy, while getting the maximum amount of exposure to find their forever homes and the donations have been so generous. Our dogs love Koira and so do we!